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Marketing and Entrepreneurship

Question: Discuss about the Marketing and Entrepreneurship Management. Answer: Introduction: The current study attempts to review the latest news published on the web page of Nestle, Australia and Peters brand page, regarding the new product launches or the promotional campaigns. The nutrition savvy, healthy promotion, funding boost for the indigenous girls, meet the MILO Superman, etc. are the current developments, maintained by Nestle on its web page. This development has been made targeting the kid mass of Australia. The Raising Nutrition Savvy Kids report can be considered a successful approach for earning higher business revenue from this product. The Nestle Healthy Active kids program is also providing the opportunity for the parent and the teachers to nominate the student to win $25,000 and $1,000 VISA Load Go Gift Card (www.nestle.com.au, 2016). The promotional activity is considered as potent enough as it employs both the health and monetary benefit for the student groups and the parents as well. Shilton (2006) stated that informative and attractive promotional cam paigns, improve brand awareness, thereby increasing the revenue of the firm. On the other hand, the CEO Trevor Clayton also welcomed the announcement that the additional funding would be given to allow the Role models and Leaders girls academy program. The girl segment has been targeted for promoting the healthy products. The promotional campaign also communicates that those girls will be supported by additional funding for completing the schools. This sort of extraordinary commitment ensures Nestles ability to meet the need of the young indigenous girls in the secondary schools. In this context, Clayton and Heo (2011) stated that the promotions of social responsibility help the firm to create an active brand to the target audience. Thus, the firm Nestle could also improve its current brand attractiveness index in its global operation. The Girls Academy CEO Ricky Grace also stated that the Academy is proud to work with Nestle Australia, to develop the mutual goal of both Nestle and the overall community as well. Furthermore, the campaign Meet the MILO Superman has been successfully promoting the hot or cold delicious energiser for the kid segment. The imagination of being so strong that a child can lift a bull onto the shoulders can generate higher brand attractiveness towards the younger segment. Supporting to this fact, Clayton and Heo (2011) stated that the presentation of the promotional activity increases the overall brand attractiveness. Similarly, Nestls promotional activity has been made to help the communities suffering from the poor diets and other malnutrition diseases. The research commissioned end by MILO also identified that 61% parents expressed great concern regarding the children, who were not getting a potential workout and gaming activity. The figure has dramatically increased to 93% among the malnutrition children. Therefore, it can be stated that targeting the children segment and introduction of the current boosted product could facilitate the firm attracting a potentia l child population towards the brand (Kelly et al. 2010). Eventually, the brand revenue can be improved in the international market as well. Finally, it can be concluded that the current product launches and its promotional activities can actually attract targeted customers, and the brand can improve its sustainability as well. References: Clayton, M. and Heo, J. (2011) Effects of promotionalà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ based advertising on brand associations, Journal of Product Brand Management, 20(4), pp. 309315. Home (2016) Available at: https://www.nestle.com.au (Accessed: 23 August 2016). Kelly, B., Baur, L.A., Bauman, A.E., King, L., Chapman, K. and Smith, B.J. (2010) Food and drink sponsorship of childrens sport in Australia: Who pays?, Health Promotion International, 26(2), pp. 188195. Shilton, T. (2006) Advocacy for physical activity-from to influence, Promotion Education, 13(2), pp. 118126 Marketing and Entrepreneurship Question: Discuss about the Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Answer: Introduction: The change throughout the demographic market segments has critically affected the desired opportunities for the international marketing. The shifting of the demographic change has crucially affected the entire global markets and moreover it has affected the selected target market for the firms concerned. These changes have vast implications on the international businesses. The marketers are identified that there is a crucial shift in the geographic population including the change in the family structures and much more. The desired economic environment is featured by the more numbers of concerns by the consumers related to the shifting of the patterns of consumer spending (Christofi and Vrontis, 2015). The aging of the concerned populations has desired requirements as per the change in the trends and this generates crucial impact on the entire business process within the international market segments. Therefore, the geographic expansion is considered to be the one of the most crucial reasons for affecting the opportunities for international marketing. The next reason is the mobility for the respective users throughout different countries. It is a matter of fact that 90% of the people now lives in a place which has access to a mobile network. China has more than 900 Million of the mobile phone users and India accounts for more than 90% of the internet users. Therefore, these facts evaluate the desired information that the change in the demographics has significantly affected the execution of the business processes throughout the international market segments (Driving the economy through innovation and entrepreneurship, 2013). The use of the internet connectivity along with the effective use of the e-commerce has brought up several crucial changes. The next is the use of mobile payment systems and the most of the search for a product online is from the locals. The availability of the too many options mainly affects the execution of the business process throughout the international market segments. After the world war II, the baby boom mainly produced 78 million of the baby boomers and these have evolved as to be the most useful and powerful sources throughout the marketing environment (Hult, Pride, and Ferrell, 2012). There are five of the important industries which are set for a baby boomer boom; they are property, healthcare, travel, aged-care facilities and the financial planning industries. It is very crucial to note that the demands will definitely increase for the different health care merely for the rise in demands for baby boomers (Wolfe and Wolfe, 2009). As per the IBIS World, figure data revealed that people aged 65 containing make up of 35.9% with various diagnoses geared up towards older patients. The travel industries are the next one who will be benefited with the desired demographic changes throughout the international marketing. References Christofi, M., and Vrontis, D. (2015). Marketing and Innovation in Business. Bradford: Emerald Group Publishing Limited. Driving the economy through innovation and entrepreneurship. (2013). New Delhi: Springer. Hult, G., Pride, W. and Ferrell, O. (2012).Marketing. Andover: South-Western/Cengage Learning. Wolfe, M. and Wolfe, M. (2009).Fashion marketing merchandising. Tinley Park, Il.: Goodheart-Willcox Co.

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