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Hydroponics2 essays

Hydroponics2 essays Imagine being able to grow plants and/or crops everyday of the year in smaller spaces without the use of any soil. Hydroponics is a soiless agriculture that does just this. The idea for the use of plant growth without any soil was developed in the eighteen hundreds. Hydroponic gardening is an old idea yet new methods have been formed to give you three hydroponic gardening options. These three options are defined by uses of different mediums. Fifteen to twenty minutes of care per day can produce beautiful plants and enough food to feed one family a day. Hydroponic environments are indoors so weather changes do not effect them. All mediums use certain solutions which vary with different types of mediums. Hydroponic environments are easy to build and easy to take care of and the advantages are great. This form of agriculture is one of man's simple yet helpful ideas that can better the earth and it's people. Hydroponics is a soiless agriculture that was originally used for growing plants in the winter. Hydroponic agriculture is also known as soiless agriculture, nutriculture, or chemical culture. Hydroponic plants can be gardened in several different ways. Hydroponics uses different nutrient solutions to ensure better plant life. Plants need nutrients and moisture to survive and soil provides this. When hydroponic gardening is used these necessities increase and the plant lives a fuller and more beautiful life. As it was already mentioned, the advantages of hydroponic gardening are great. It was also already mentioned that hydroponic gardening reduces the amount of space used and can be grown all year long. But this is only the beginning of the advantages of hydroponic gardening. People who have hydroponic gardens don't have to put up with soil-borne pests and diseases and they don't have to pull any weeds. Food crops grow and mature at a much faster rate in non-soi...

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Discuss the concept of marketing myopia and its benefits and Essay

Discuss the concept of marketing myopia and its benefits and limitations for a company - Essay Example They focused on products instead of customer requirements. This lack of vision and the customer dissatisfaction paved the way for the success of the auto industry on the highways. Further, the construction of super highways has created better medium for freight and passenger traffic, posing a formidable competition for the railways. Similarly, when small cars were introduced in the US market by Japanese companies, they became a hit in the first year of their introduction. Though there had been major researches going on for a long time in the US, none of them were able to find out what exactly the customers wanted. They focused on what was the best alternative available for a customer of the available options. They totally ignored customer requirements. Their researches focused on the product, not on customer requirements. Marketing Myopia occurs when a marketer is excessively preoccupied with product development, manufacturing or selling and ignores customer needs wants and interests. Marketing is a long-term function that involves anticipating a change in the future, and planning for it accordingly (Saxena, 1997). Another example that is apt quoting in this context of marketing myopia is that of the pager industry and radio broadcasting. Pager companies could not foresee technology changes and changing customer expectations and adapt themselves to fulfil customer expectations while mobile companies fulfilled the needs and succeeded in the market. Most companies that did not consider customers’ needs and preferences have suffered losses. With the changing times, a good marketer needs the vision to be on top of the changes and trends. Theodore Levitt in his book The Marketing Imagination has cited four conditions for business obsolescence as a result of marketing myopia. The following are the conditions: 1. The belief of

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History and political science Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

History and political science - Essay Example Some of the ancient theorists are the Marxists and empiricists. Marxists focused on the issue of communism and capitalism1. Karl Marx is among the many known historians who led to the development of the Marxist theory. Therefore, it is necessary to address a number of theories developed by these historians. Numerous reasons are accountable for the difference in interpretations of history as depicted by varied historians. First, historians existed at dissimilar times and thus encountered different life occurrences. For instance, the ancient historians majorly tried to put into history the occurrences that people had not given attention2. This is a category of individuals, who ventured majorly in the explanation of the origin of humanity and the social classes. In an appropriate explanation of why historians have such different interpretations of history, it is crucial to examine the works of Karl Marx3. Marx is highly renowned due to his Marxist theory. Karl Marx is among the ancient historians born in Germany in 1818 and his works contributed mightily to history. Marx existed during a period coupled with many revolutions. As a result, together with his collaborator, he developed several ideas from their life experiences. Karl’s closest friend, Friedrich Engels worked together in writing the history. As opposed to ancient historians, modern and postmodern historians depict a different way of interpreting history4. The key reason behind their interpretation is the developments that have occurred recently. In addition to the developments, the availability of the secondary information sources in national archives and libraries facilitates the process of interpreting history5. Such resources normally compare the ancient history with the current, thus coming up with an accurate, as well as informed explanation of the key historical happenings. The question also demands an explanation on how different historians interpret history in a dissimilar manner. In answ ering the above question, it will be necessary to focus on some of the historians’ interpretations about history. An ancient historian whose name is Karl Marx contributed significantly in history. He interpreted history by giving a lot of attention to materialistic bit of it6. As a result, the phrase historical materialism came into existence. The literature has revealed that he concentrated on both physiological, as well as the material needs. He disputed the idea of a complete satisfaction of an individual’s both physiological, as well as materialistic needs. He thus concluded that the ease at which to access such materials determines the nature of a society hence the birth of the phrase history of humanity. He also established three ways in which human society changes and all of them were dependent on the level of production. In addition to the Karl’s interpretation of history, other historians such empiricists have different interpretations7. Empiricists emp loy scientific principles in understanding how history has been changing over time. They insist the implication of applying knowledge in order to understand the key historical events. In the information collection process, they stress on the authenticity of the resources used in maintaining the accuracy of information. They aim at visiting the main international archives thus collecting the most accurate information for interpretation purposes. Among all the theories described in the book, I feel comfortable with the empiricist theory. The above is a theory based on knowledge, as well as epistemology8. Scholars define epistemology as the study of knowledge. The empiricists majorly center their work on craft. The issue of craft highly concentrates on knowledge and skill. The empiricism is an

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Learning objectives of the student Essay Example for Free

Learning objectives of the student Essay By the end of the grant period, the learners should be able to: †¢ Internalize the basic definitions of concepts which will be met during the study. †¢ Use the various methods of measuring techniques to find measurements of simple lengths. †¢ Use the measurement tools effectively in class and outside the classroom. †¢ Demonstrate on the board on the use of the various tools in measuring. †¢ Apply the knowledge learned in class in real life situation i. e. giving the students a challenging life application question and finding out if they can get the answers correctly. Method of Instruction: Teacher may adopt the instruction led method to disseminate information to the learners by use of segments of information and presenting the idea systematically. Teacher can adopt use of the demonstration method where the learner follows in detail how a particular procedure or technique is being followed. The lecture method is also a common instructional method which can be used by the teacher. This involves the teacher gives monologue information without getting responses from the learners. The teacher can use the coaching instruction for the learner. This refers to a detailed step in which the learner is taken through so that he can grasp the concept. The students can also be left on their own to practice what has been learned in class, thus the practice method is another instructional method to be used in the classroom. Reference: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Retrieved o

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The Role of Trees in Terry Kays To Dance With The White Dog :: Dance With The White Dog Essays

The Role of Trees in Terry Kay's To Dance With The White Dog In the novel To Dance With The White Dog there are many similarities between Sam Peek and Kay’s father. The Dedication and Authors Note, located before and after the[b1] novel, give the reader insight into the true meaning of the book. In the Authors Note Kay speaks of his father and the fruit trees that he cared for; from this a correlation arises with Sam Peek and his beloved pecan trees. Terry Kay’s father cultivates fruit trees. Fruit trees generally live for approximately ten years then die off. It takes fruit trees three to five years before they will bear fruit. Overall fruit trees require a short term commitment. Although Kay’s father became famous for his well grown trees, it did not require the dedication and time that Sam Peek had to exert for his pecan trees.[b2] In the novel Sam Peek has dedicated his life to the growth and production of his pecan trees. Pecan trees take at least five years to yield fruit and can live up to seventy-five years. They take much more time and effort to yield profit. Cultivating pecan trees is a life long project. In the novel Sam Peek dedicates his life to the care of his pecan trees. In his old age, when he is retired from the tree business, he still has the commitment to go to the pecan orchard and pull weeds. This shows Sam Peeks strong bonds to his life and family[b3]. He is very much tied do wn to the land around his family home. His dedication to his trees is because he wishes to provide a good life for his family. He pours a lot of effort into this wish. While reading this novel the reader interprets the meaning of the author based on the knowledge that the book is fictional; however, when the reader finds out that there is some truth to the story at the end of the book they must reevaluate their interpretations.[b4][b4] Kay reveals in the Authors Note at the end of the book that the character of Sam Peek is based on his father.

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Mix Marketing Plan Essay

The mix marketing plan below is for the 2009 Mitsubishi Outlander compact all wheel drive (AWD) priced under $40,000. This market plan below describes the target market and objectives that are necessary to capture the target market. Furthermore, the plan offers recommendations and some of them methods necessary to promote the Mistubishi Outlander and create awareness of its release on to the market in 2009. Also in the mix market plan is situational analysis that is broken down into four parts. The first part is the current product which describes the brand and core product which in this case is the Mistubishi Outlander. The second part discusses the factors that will affect the price of the Outlander such as competition and demand. The third aspect talks about the current distribution and method in which to distribute the Outlander. This part also talks about the intensity of distribution and the intermediaries used to distribute the Outlander and the factors that influence the distribution such as storage and transport of the Outlanders from point of manufacture to the point of sale. The fourth situational analysis aspect is the promotional theme and the elements integrated in the promotion mix. The theme is that of cross between an all wheel drive and a sports utility vehicles that is both excellent as urban cruiser as well as an off road medium sized vehicle. The recommended target market for the Outlander is mainly the medium sized family that enjoys occasional family trips out of urban localities. The age group of the consumer interested in purchasing the Mistubishi outlander will range between 25 to the 50 years of age. This demographic will most likely reside in the upper middle class suburbs of Perth. The main aim of this mix marketing plan is to make consumers familiarise themselves with the Outlander, promote the outlander to all intermediaries through workshops and seminars. Increase volume of promotional content of the Outlander through media channels such as online advertising, email promotions, radio and television advertisements. The customers are made of the Mistubishi Diamond Advantage. Situational Analysis Current Product: The Mistubishi outlander is a cross over all wheel drive (AWD) from the product line of the Mitsubishi Motor Company. The Outlander is a shopping type of consumer product that is in its Introduction stage. It is a compact AWD that can be driven in urban areas as well as off road. However, the Outlander does not have Electronic Stability control system (ESP) but does come with an expandable row making it a seven seater and a bisected rear door for easy accesses to the rear cabin space. The ESP can always be added on to the future cars by adopting the system that is used in other Mitsubishi models. Current Pricing: The current influences on the price of the Outlander include demand, competition and other external factors such as economic situation and good value pricing (Kotler et al.2007, 350). The Mistubishi Outlander is in the monopolistic market as they are many sellers offering alternatives (Pierre and Toulemonde 2009, 1347) .AWDs such as the Toyota Rav Four and Nissan Extrail. The pricing objective of the Outlander is based on the price of competitor’s model of SUVs and the mix of models of the Outlander offered by Mistubishi under $40000. Current Distribution: The outlander is distributed indirectly from the factory through intermediaries such as the dealerships. Intermediaries provide a link between the manufacturer and consumer (Ansari, Mela and Neslin 2008, 60).The dealers include organisations that specialise in Mistubishi vehicle sales and services. Distribution of the outlander is selective for easier negotiations and one tone customer interaction. Some of the factors that may affect distribution include transport and Storage of the Mistubishi outlanders from the point of manufacture to the point of sale. Current Promotion: The main objective is to get the consumers familiarise themselves with the new Mitsubishi Outlander. The theme is that of a sports utility vehicles that is both excellent as urban cruiser as well as an off road medium sized vehicle. Advertising, direct Marketing sales promotions are some of the methods used to show to the customer the sporting side as well as its ability to use as urban vehicle through events such as the Dakar Rally. Recommended Target Market The recommended target market for the Outlander is mainly the medium sized family that enjoys occasional family trips out of urban localities. The age group of the consumer interested in purchasing the Mistubishi outlander will range between 25 to the 50 years of age. The consumer will most likely come from middle class urban setting and enjoys showing off the off-road capabilities of their car while being a comfortable and stylish car to drive around town. This target market has the most potential because the outlander is an urban sports vehicle that has an extra row of seats to accommodate a total of 7 passengers as compared to its rivals on the market within the same price range. The outlander also comes with a lot more standard features as compared to its rivals on the market. Some off the unique features include interchangeable all wheel drive that can be selected at any driving speed. The outlander also has a compact third row seat that does not compromise boot space and is still accommodate two extra passengers. Recommended Marketing Objective:’ In order to keep the Mitsubishi Outlander ahead of the other brand of cross over AWDs on the market, some short term marketing strategies will have to be put in place. These include : Making the consumers familiarise themselves with the Outlander, promote the outlander to all intermediaries through workshops and seminars. Increase volume of promotional content of the Outlander through media channels such as online advertising, email promotions, radio and television advertisements. Another approach would be to promote the Outlander through competitions, sponsorships of sporting activities and discounted sales to the first few customers. Boost the appeal of the outlander by offering membership to outlander car club through the Mitsubishi Diamond Advantage as part of a package deal for the purchase of an Outlander which is a 10 year 160 000 km drive train warranty and the 5 year unlimited 130 000 km warrant plus roadside assistance. Product recommendations Since the product at hand is a motor vehicle, the product packaging will not be required however all other aspects of the product such as branding extensions will be taken into consideration. The product at focus is the Outlander which comes from the product mix of Mitsubishi motor company; it only has one product lines with a narrow width. Therefore, only the depth of the product mix can be explored to give the consumer a variety to pick from the range of Outlanders available. The Mitsubishi Outlander is offered in three models namely the LS, XLS and the optional XLS Luxury pack. The Three models offered come with different options and at a varied price range depending on the added extras. However, the base model still has a starting base price of $31,990 that is fixed depending on whether the customer chooses to add extras to the vehicle. The base model of the outlander is the Ls which comes with 2.4 litre 4 cylinder MIVEC engine, driver and passenger side airbags. The LS models also comes with All Wheel Control 4WD (AWC), air condition, cruise control, Keyless entry, power windows, a steering wheel with audio controls, Stability and traction control. The XLS model has added on features that the LS does not have such as: Continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT), INVECS Smart Logic and 6 steps Sports Mode, Paddle gear shifts, Smart Key, Bluetooth voice activated phone connectivity, chrome grill surround, 18† alloy Wheels, Reverse parking sensors, Adaptive Front Lighting system, High intensity Discharge Head Lamps (HID), Fog Lamps and Privacy Glass. The third model of the outlanders is the optional XLS Luxury pack. This model has additional feature to the XLS model. These key features include 18† 7 spoke wheels, chrome exterior highlights, electric sunroof, Rockford Fosgate premium sound system with 9 speakers, Rear entertainment system, Mitsubishi Multi Communication system (MMCS) including satellite navigation and reverse camera, automatic dusk sensing head lamps, automatic rain sensing wipers, leather seats facings, power driver seat and heated front seat. Pricing recommendations The pricing recommendations for the Mitsubishi Outlander will include the product line price, product bundle pricing and optional –product pricing. The product line price in this situation is considered because the product line width is narrow and limited to the Outlander models namely the LS, XLS and The Optional XLS model. Therefore, the pricing of the models will also be affected by what model is being sold through the intermediaries to the consumer. The purpose is to insure profit maximisation of the base model LS by mass distribution to the companies and leasing companies. With the LS having least of the features, making it the level entry model of the Outlander models. The second thing that is considered when it comes to product line pricing is the optional product line pricing. This will help increase the Mitsubishi profits from the sale optional accessories that can be added to the features of the Outlander’s base model the LS. Some of the features intended for the target market include, 18† alloy wheels, reverse parking sensors, High intensity Discharge Head Lamps (HID), Fog Lamps and Privacy Glass, electric sunroof, chrome exterior highlights, Rockford Fosgate premium sound system with 9 speakers and rear entertainment system. The perceived value of the extras is reasonable priced as all extras added on to the Outlander models come with a 5 year 130000 km warranty. The last recommendation for product line price is product bundle pricing, where the Outlander models are sold as bundles. This can be achieved when either selling the Outlanders with just the basic features at a much lower price as compared to the base models. The target market is leasing companies, private and government organisations in bulk. Furthermore, pricing adjustments can be made to increase sales such as discounts on bulk buys and end of financial year sales and further discounts for early or cash payments. The Outlander is not new to the car market, therefore the new product pricing strategy that is recommended is the market –penetrating pricing strategy to attract a large number of buyers and share market as it’s a medium quality and medium price product. Distribution recommendations The recommend method of distribution channel is using indirect channel through intermediaries such as agents, retailers and wholesalers. The intermediaries act as the third party link between the Mitsubishi and the consumers. The involvement of intermediaries allows the Mitsubishi to reach geographical dispersed groups and avoid direct investment. The Mitsubishi car company does not have to have a direct involvement with credit facilities or have local knowledge of customers. Furthermore, Mitsubishi can earn a greater return by investing in their main business rather than in direct marketing. The intermediary can deal directly with the customers at a more efficient and effective level often provide a supplier or manufacturer more returns than the manufacture can achieve on their own. This due to the amounts of contacts they have in the industry, experience, specialisation and scale of operation. Therefore, the channel of distribution is the retailer channel. That is from the manufacturer to the retailer then the consumer. The retailers sell the Outlander directly to the customers by so doing making the level of distribution intensity selective. This enables Mitsubishi deal directly with a few selected dealers that sale and provided services of goods manufactured by the Mitsubishi motor company. Channel conflict is minimised by dealing directly with intermediaries who are responsible for delivery and sale of the Outlanders. By doing so the conflict most likely to arise is between the Mitsubishi and the exclusive distributors. Promotion recommendations Before any promotional recommendations can be made in terms of promotions for the Mitsubishi Outlander, a number of things have to be considered. The major decision that has to be made includes objective setting, advertisement budget, advertising strategy and evaluation. When it comes to setting the budget, the product life cycle (PLC) has to be taken into consideration. From the introduction of the new Outlander where light advertising and pre introduction publicity to heavy advertising and awareness. This is the growth stage where brand loyalty and personal selling are greatly enforced. The maturity stage involves the decrease in sales promotion personal selling and the decline stage is where advertisements and promotions reduce with limited sales. These stages will determine the over head for the budget. The other promotional recommendation is the public relations mix and media selection through which to do the advertising. The media strategy includes selecting the media format. For example the newspaper has mass audience following and is good for targeting a specific audience via quick distribution. Magazines are mainly for segmented audience however, the information is intensive and highly visual. Television combines both sight and sound however most ads are ignored and only good when trying to build brand awareness and if there are adequate financial resources for the advertisement. However, radio has immediate delivery and good for stimulate impulse purchasing, cheap to advertise but does not have a visual impact. Last, there is outdoor advertising at the car dealership on the lawns where there is great traffic flow. Sales promotion is also another way to attract new customers to the Mistubishi Outlander. This also helps retain loyal Outlander customers and also regain past purchasers who have no longer purchase Mistubishi Outlander. This can be achieved through cash – back offers, competitions, premium offers offering more test drives of the Outlander models. Promotions can also be done through personal selling and interpersonal communication with target consumer groups. This involves two way communications between sales people and individual customers. The sales people are the link between the Mistubishi motor company and the customers and vice-versa. Another method that can be used is direct communication using electronic network tools and technologies via the internet. Telemarketing, telesales other forms of direct marketing that can be used to promote the sale of the Outlander. Other unconventional methods of promotions that can be used are: viral marketing by passing on information to others creating exponential growth in the messages response. Viral communications incurs very little expenses however there is limited control over receipt of the messages. The forms of passing information and advertising that are becoming popular blogs. Blogging is one method of creating hype for a product with no costs and also be able to facilitate communication between organisations and their stakeholders. Endorsements by celebrities via paid verbal testimonials or physical association with a brand. The upside is that advertising air time is practically free and the public is often not informed whether the celebrity is renumerated by the company. Conclusion. The above mix marketing plan is designed for the 2009 Mitsubishi Outlander all wheel drive AWDs. The mix market plan describes the target audience and recommends ways in which to capture the intended market. The plan has further recommendation on how to create awareness for the 2009 Outlander and methods of price, distribution and promotion. The mix market plan also has situational analysis that breaks down the recommended mix marketing strategy into four aspects that current product, current pricing, current distribution and the current promotion. The mix market plan also explains the chosen theme that is a cross between an all wheel drive and sports utility vehicle that is also excellent as an urban cruiser. Furthermore, there is emphasis on the outlander’s unique features for vehicles whose base price is under $40,000.

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Personal Experience Rat Battles - 1168 Words

If it had been a human one it would have had a â€Å"NO VACANCY† sign hanging outside most of the time. RATS! brown rats, grey rats, anorexic rates, obese rats, aggressive rats, timid rats, paranoid rats-We had them all, lots of them and waged war on them for over a decade. They lived in the old dilapidated, unpainted granary that leaned against, and shared a common wall with, our barn. This outmoded granary was built flat on the ground which allowed the rats to excavate multiple tunnels and runways under it. It was the grand rat hotel of the area. An old adage about rats is â€Å"If you see one rat in the day time there are dozens of others you don’t see.† If that’s true, then that granary housed and fed literally hundreds of rats. The rats were so numerous that they kept our 10 cats well fed. We probably should have put them on Lipitor. The large numbers of rodents did require the cats exercise some caution when â€Å"rat-ing† however, and, so most times, they hunted in pairs for safety. But, even 10 cats had little effect on the resident rat population, so we were forced to search for other ways to battle and rid ourselves of these offending rodents. One method that we tried involved placing a container full of water near one of their main thoroughfares and covering the surface with a layer of their favorite grain. We carefully placed a short 1X 6 against the container to provide a ramp for their access. The whole idea was they were supposed to get so excitedShow MoreRelatedMovie Analysis : Johnny Got His Gun And Wilfred Owen s Poem1522 Words   |  7 PagesTrumbo’s novel, Johnny Got His Gun and Wilfred Owen’s poem, â€Å"Mental Cases† serve to illustrate the harsh realities of war and its ramifications which are generally excluded from more modern thrillers such as Pearl Harbour (2001). Often impacted by personal experiences or the cultural and societal views of the time, creators’ indiv idual attitudes towards war are commonly reflected in their works through the deliberate implementation of various cinematic or literary techniques that aid in the communicationRead More The Effects Of World War One On Canada?s People Essay899 Words   |  4 Pagesglamorous adventure. In the beginning, the poor organization among the troops resulted in some of the mishaps that occurred in battle. In particular, soldiers were all very inexperienced and needed a great deal of training. â€Å"Many recruits had only two hours of target practice a day-not nearly enough to prepare them for battle† (Newman 139). These green soldiers went into battle only knowing the basic necessities of combat. Without these vital techniques and lack of practice, the basic Private stoodRead MoreDifferent Types of Love Essay943 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"Love does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does. Love is a battle, love is a war; love is a growing up.† –James A. Baldwin. The author, Baldwin talks about the fact that we assume love starts once you meet that person and it ends when you die, but love is everlasting and is a part of you from the very beginning. In his quote he also says that we will face different types of love, while growing up. Films are made about it, books, songs, and poems are written. Artists draw, paint andRead MoreUniversity Of Oxford English Professor, Dr. Stuart Lee1318 Words   |  6 Pagesthe conflict was futile. Even Rosenberg argues that the war was a time of mass slaughter and human sacrifice with little sense. Rosenberg sheds light on the artificiality of political barriers through the imagery of a rat in the poem â€Å"Break of the Day in the Trenches† where the rat â€Å"touched this English hand† and â€Å"will do the same to a German†. There is a sense of playfulness to the poem but there are overtones of bitterness. Although Rosenberg is discussing a broader theme here about the arbitrarinessRead More Experience of World War One Portrayed by Siegfried Sassoon and Erich Remarque1383 Words   |  6 Pagesage. It was the romantic mood of the time which essentially reinforced the hope that war would be won in honorable battle and ‘be over by Christmas’. These expectations were far from reality. The experience of war at the Western front was marked with the realities of modern warfare. Indeed, the old methods of fighting yielded to a static war of attrition, characterized by great battles, such as that of the Somme in 1916. However, it was the periods spent in rest that most dramatically affected theRead MoreAll Quiet On The Western Front1313 Words   |  6 Pagesthe tor ment and negative consequences that the soldiers who make it out of war face. Erich Remarque was someone who was able to take the torment that he faced after his experience in World War I and shed light on the brutality of war. Remarque was able to illustrate the psychological problems that was experienced by men in battle with his best-selling novel All Quiet on the Western Front (Hunt). The symbolism used in the classic anti-war novel All Quiet on the Western Front is significant not onlyRead MoreMedieval Times : The Greatest Catastrophe Ever Essay1578 Words   |  7 Pageswhat was the lasting impact? The plague was caused by bacteria known as Yersinia pestis and was common in rodent populations (â€Å"Ecology and Transmission†). When rodents, such as rats, became infected and began to die off, the fleas who were once feeding off of them needed to find a new host. During Medieval times rats lived in close quarters with humans, even infesting their ships. This neighboring proximity made it easy for fleas to carry the disease to humans (Benedictow). Not only could the plagueRead MoreThe s Dilemm A Natural History Of Four Meals847 Words   |  4 Pagesphrase, â€Å"omnivore’s dilemma†, from Paul Rozin, a researcher of University of Pennsylvania, to support his claims. Also, by presenting Rozin’s paper, â€Å"The Selection of Food by Rats, Humans, and Other Animals†, Pollan uses the eating habit of koala bears which get recognition from reader. While looking on his personal experience, he provides supportive details, dietary changes in 1970s and 200 s, which show he has done research works for this topic. On the other hand, Pollan does not provide enough statisticsRead MoreAnalysis Of The Poem Siegfried Sassoon 1029 Words   |  5 PagesPoetry is a powerful expression of human experience that can impact political actions and have major repercussions on a global scale. Siegfried Sassoon was a poet that realized the true power and capabilities of poetry and what it could accomplish. Sassoon used his gift of poetry to advance humanity’s views on war and help them better understand the terrifying imprint it left on the world. Siegfried Sassoon is remembered for the fury that his poems encompassed. He wrote poetry during World War IRead MoreThe Weight Of War By Tim O Brien917 Words   |  4 Pagesin our pockets and backpacks is symbolic to our personal beliefs, values, and attitudes. Tim O’Brien gives readers a look into each soldier’s beliefs, values, and attitudes by sharing what they were carrying with them. These items are symbols and give themselves more meaning than the item itself. (Madden 68). Most of the equipment the men were carrying were mission dependent and are things you would expect a soldier to carry; it’s the extra personal items they carry that really tell the readers about